Candle Care & Safety Tips

Center your wicks

It will help your candles burn evenly and protect the sides of your holder, which could be damaged by close contact with the flame. Use an unbent paper clip to position the wick when necessary.

Flat & away from drafts

To avoid spillover from the wax pool, always place candles on a flat, level surface away from drafts.

Cool, dry, dark place

Candles are sensitive to temperature and light, so store them in a cool, dry, dark place to avoid color fading, melting, or cracking. Keep candles out of direct sunlight to prevent fading and warping.

Group 2” apart

Keep candles and holders that are grouped together at least 2” apart from side to side to prevent excessive heat buildup, which can cause the candles to spill over.

Keep candles beautiful and release their fragrance

Over time, candles may become scratched or seem to lose their fragrance. Rub gently with a fine mesh stocking to heighten the gloss, remove any scratches, and release the fragrance from your candles.

Removing wax from glass holders

Remove wax easily by cooling in the freezer until the hardened wax “pops out.” To remove excess wax from the glass, run the room temperature holder under hot water until the wax melts, then wash in warm, soapy water. Bring holders to room temperature before re-using. (Never use a sharp instrument to remove wax from holders.)

Removing wax from carpets

Please contact your local carpet supplier about removing wax from a carpet. Many new carpets contain synthetic fibers than can melt if exposed to extreme temperature. PartyLite does not recommend using heat to remove wax from carpeting.

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